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Hi Love,
I'm Courtney.
A woman
​A wife. 
A mother.
A model. 
A sexy, badass FEMININE being who is BOLDY embodying and expressing my power through my femininity. 
And, A coach for women who are ready to truly HAVE IT ALL!
I love to talk about the ways that being in touch with my femininity has impacted my life.


Once upon a time...
I was successful, but also so exhausted!
I had created success, but was so stressed and resistant to allowing more.
​I had achieved so much, but all of it was from a forced and disconnected place!
​I was comfortable in my masculine energy... but so disconnected from my core. 
As I made peace with my femininity and began to embody my core energy...
Everything changed.
​I  began to feel amazing in my body and in my being. 
​I  began expanding into more and more with a natural ease.
​I  felt to connected and powerful.
​I  began attracting EVERYTHING I     desired quickly and easily.
Today, I have more success, more love, more connection, more money, and an even better body....
I have it ALL and it feels so fucking good from this place.
Connecting to me, to my heart, to my core, to God, and to my femininity was the key! 
I’ve become a magnet to the things in my life that I desire to have, to feel, and to experience.
In Bold Femininity I’ll teach you how to do the same! 
How to allow, how to trust, how to be in the flow, how to connect with your feminine core! 

Why Bold Femininity Femininity?

I created Bold Femininity because I was tired of seeing women "pushing" and "forcing" to make shit happen.  
​I was tired of seeing women so stressed and exhausted.
​I  was tired of seeing women so disconnected from themselves.
I was tired of seeing women not even aware of what their desires were. 
I was tired of seeing women struggling unnecessarily (it's always unnecessary).
I was tired of seeing relationships fizzle out that didn't have to.
I was tired of seeing women struggle to lose weight despite doing all the "right" things.
I was tired of seeing women not know their true power or purpose.
I was tired of seeing women not getting to have their greatest desires.

I was tired of seeing women closed off to receiving when the world wanted to give them EVERYTHING.

Bold Femininity was created as the ANSWER and SOLUTION to ALL of this!!!
Living in your feminine energy takes all of that off the table and allows everything you desire to unfold easily!
Living in your feminine energy is the BOLD and LOVING thing to do. 
I'm on a fucking mission to help women to reconnect with their desires, with pleasure, with their expression! 
​If you're ready to release what hasn't (and won't) worked and step into what's easy and loving, Bold Femininity and I are here for YOU! 

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Ashlei Nelson

Before Bold Femininity I was living in a very forced, masculine, aggressive state of being.
Although I had a good relationship with my husband, there were issues surrounding these points as I was always forceful and pushing things. I never relaxed or eased into his safety. I did not cry, express my emotions or dive into my feelings. This was causing nothing but issues in my life on every level. 
Going through this course completely changed my life. From being able to let him lead and be and feel safe within our relationship, understanding my feelings and emotions and being able to express and release them, to getting EVERYTHING I wanted and dreamed of in my marriage due to a different approach. 
When I finally relaxed back, stopped forcing and started allowing, the flood gates opened and our relationship went from good to phenomenal. Everything that was questionable or up in the air before, he is now 100% on board and excited for and discussing freely. Every day is exciting, happy, free flowing and things are progressing so rapidly in our life and relationship and family building. My husband and I both see and recognize the changes in our lives, and they are forever changed in an incredible, happy, joyful, loving, Amazing way!
This was the best thing I ever did!
-Ashlei Nelson

Sarah Michelle Boyce

Courtney is powerful, inspiring, and tapped into her raw feminine energy. Before working with her, I doubted myself and was on a perpetual burnout cycle with my writing and business.
Now that I’ve spent time in her brain, I’ve learned so much about myself—I trust my intuition, I’ve tapped into my feminine power, and I no longer apologize for being ME. I know who I am. I know what I want. I know how to show up in the world as the truest version of myself, now, and I can attribute so much of that growth to Courtney’s profound influence.
If you’re debating working with her, all I can say is: do it. Future You will be so glad you did.
-Sarah Michelle Boyce

Jackie Bryant

Before bold femininity I felt like there was something inside of me that was dying to come out. I was feeling frustrated & disconnected. After bold femininity, I feel like I am able to listen and express myself better, I feel more trusting of myself (more confident & safe), more open to attracting my desires and more clarity on figure out what my true desires are.
-Jackie Bryant

​Hannah Sanford

Before Courtney Tillia I pushed thru and toughed it out, alone. 
For example I'd always get up hella early and crush a gym workout no matter now tired. Today I let myself sleep in after sticking (gently but firmly) thru a middle of night meditation b/c I was wide awake and restless, but I stayed with it <3 And then this morning on my way to the gym to crush a leg day that I wasn't remotely feeling up to (even after sleeping in to make sure I got my non-negotiable # sleep hours) I ran into the owner of Yoga
​Bliss Studios that is below me (literally right below my apartment), said hello and really connected for first time since I've been living here (for a few years now) and I continued to my car intending to head to the gym but realized fuck this I don't even feel it today anyway, so turned around and went inside to her surprise and delight for my first yoga class there. It turned out to be her improvising with new flow and new music so we were all over the place and it was HOT YOGA so we were all dripping, it was PERFECT. 
My head is still killing me from drinking coffee lately (not even sure why; just habit?) which I'm realizing is becoming more and more like alcohol: not worth the buzz b/c the hangover is so hard lol. No more coffee, only tea!
I am now in love with the concept of being CHERISHED. I looked it up: means to be "protected and taken care of lovingly" which seems SO YUMMY and FEELS RIGHT. Something fundamental has shifted. Had always heard this word and yet not related to it as something I wanted. But I'm creating that I can be ALL of me, that the apparent incongruities of scientist / artist, fighter / yogi / bodybuilder, carnivore / tree hugger are not only fun and interesting but actually attractive.
I guess I'm falling in LOVE with my FEMININE and my WHOLE SELF?!

-​Hannah Sanford

What Can You Expect From the Program?

Module 1: Foundations of Femininity: Feeling Enough and Safe Being YOU.


Module 2: Masculine and Feminine Energy 


Module 3: Liberating Yourself Through Healing Your Inner Child 


Module 4: Embodying/Beliefs/Affirmations


Module 5: Femininity and Your Relationships


Module 6: Sex/Sensuality/Receiving


Module 7: Being Seen; Setting Healthy and Loving Boundaries


Module 8: Desires: Honoring and Navigating Them Powerfully 

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