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  • Have you ever desired to model

  • Do you desire to do a boudoir shoot?

  • Want the perfect selfie?

  • Know your perfect angles 

  • Do you feel stuck with booking a shoot because their are so many unknowns?

  • And what about your energy?

  • The angles? The terms? The confidence? The hair and makeup? Finding a perfect photographer? The outfits? 


I did too, I wanted to model, but I also wanted selfies and photos that I loved. I had so many questions too!

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  • A 4-Week Digital  Program with 8 Modules
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What will you cover in sExpress YOU?

  •  Bold Photos and Photoshoot ENERGY

  • Intentional Creating What You Want to Feel and Experience 

  •  Selecting Outfits from identity and vision

  • ​Pro Status Hair, Makeup, and Presentaiton

  •  Modeling 101 (Everything from basics and fundamental to booking paid shoots)

  • ​GettingPaid for Being Sexy As Fuck

  • The Perfect Selfies and Intimate Photos

  • Expert Posing for Your Unique Body

  • Manifesitng the Right Photographer(s)

  • Dropping Judgment and Expressing Your Fine Ass Self

  • Protecting Your Ass (Safeguards and best practices) 

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I  Wondered too...


I always wanted to be a model when I was growing up!


But I wondered if I had “it.”


Three years ago, I had a well-known photographer reach out to me and ask if I was interested in shooting.


Every part of me was like YES!!!! But then this little girl inside of me who had been so desperate for everyone to love her, was yelling NO!

A couple days later, I did the photoshoot!


And since then I have done tons and tons of them and have thousands upon thousands of photos! 


I've been published in magazines, and books! 

I've modeled for clothing brands, bikini brands, lingerie brands, guitars, and sportswear! 

I get paid to do photoshoots, and travel to incredible locations! 


And now I'm here to give you the tools, knowledge, and expertise that I've gained over the last several years!

As Seen In The New York Post

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